Exhibition Performance
Fitchburg High School

Crocker Field
Fitchburg, MA

4 October 2002

Preliminaries - arrival, prep, set-up

Special plumes will be used on this mild but misty evening

The Band arrives in stye with a Fitchburg Police escort!

In the stands and on the field...

Energy ! ... Enthusiasm !! ... Excellence !!! ... Pride !!!! ...

A future Drum Major conducts the Band

...we have liftoff ... !
Headline: UMass mace violates Boston airspace ...
F-16's dispatched to intercept - film at eleven.

Mr. Parks gets the crowd involved...
Fitchburg officials present a plaque to Mr. Parks in appreciation of the band's performance

If you get a chance to sit it out or dance ... DANCE!

... hmmm ... Fitchburg Bandos and Color Guard sitting off by themselves...

Must fix that!

UMMB invades the Cheerleaders too!

Fitchburg Bandos watch the 5th Quarter performance in the stands
... but not for long !

The Red Raiders groove to Madonna

Fitchburg: "We're number one !!"

We Agree !!!

Fitchburg hosts a post-performance snack

" The Band was fabulous, just fabulous... I've never seen anything like it!"

...the quads play for m&m's!

UMMB Parents and Supporters say...

"Thank you, Fitchburg, for your warm welcome, enthusiasm and generosity !"

Last updated on Monday, October 14, 2002