Band Parent Badge


  • $3 for one
  • $5 for two
  • $2 each for 3 or more

To Order:

  1. Please select/enter, your Bando’s Section, Year of Graduation (YoG), Instrument, and your Bando’s First name.
  2. Indicate if you wish to supply a headshot of your Bando or have the Band Parent Photographer take a picture.
  3. Select the # of badges you are ordering via the Family Package Discount field.
  4. Then for each badge you are ordering,
    1. select the Family Relation of the person to be owning/wearing the badge,
    2. enter the corresponding First Name of the person to be owning/wearing the badge, and
    3. select if that person is a UMMB Band Alumni.

(E.g. The badge is for Aunt Judy who is not a UMMB Alumnus, so select Family Relation “Aunt”, type in the Badge # field her first name of “Judy”, and select “No” for UMMB Alumni.).

PLEASE ENSURE  the quantity you select to add to the cart, matches your total number of badges ordered and selected for the family package discount (Example: Family Discount 4 Pack, Order Quantity = 4).

If you have any issues or need to provide clarifications, note this when checking out your shopping cart.


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Alto Sax, Bari Sax, Bass Drum, Clarinet, Colorgaurd, Cymbals, Euph, Flute, Mellophone, Pit, Snare Drum, Tenor Sax, Tenors, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Twirler


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Bando's photo

I'll provide my own photo, Please take my photo for me!

Family Package Discount

Single ($3), 2 Pack ($5), 3 Pack ($6), 4 Pack ($8), 5 Pack ($10)


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