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The Director's Corner
Notes of interest/importance
from Dr. Tim Anderson to the
UMass Minuteman Band Community
Posting in UMMB Parents Facebook Group - 25 November 2012

Hey parents!
With the marching season almost over, I want to take a minute to thank you for sharing your son/daughter with us. It's been a real pleasure working with them, and seeing them grow. What a season its been, since Band Camp to now, and its all been possible because of the wonderful young men and women you have trusted us with. I know I speak for Prof. Hannum and the rest of our staff, when I say, we are better people for getting to work with your children. People need not fear the future of America, if the young men and women of the UMMB are any indicators. It's been a joy, and I've also really enjoyed getting to know so many of you! Bandsgiving was just one of many examples of the kind of parents we have in this band. And working with your son/daughter on a daily basis, it is blatantly obvious the apple does not fall far from the tree! So thank you again...and if Friday was your child's last game, please don't be a stranger. Once a bando (or band parent) always a bando!



Timothy Todd Anderson, Ed.D.
University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band

University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band
Congratulations!! - USSBA Exhibition
Rockvill HS :: Vernon, CT
Post-Exhibition note to the UMMB - 21 October 2012

Dear friends,

I hope you are all enjoying your well-deserved day off. I'll send an
e-mail tomorrow to talk about this upcoming week. For now, I want to share this. You all heard the crowd reaction at Vernon last night. But I don't know if you realized just what an impact you really made. What follows is an e-mail I received this morning from Darcy Davis, band director at Rockville HS:
THANK YOU for providing us with an amazing night which will be remembered forever by all of those in attendance. As all of our band parents keep saying, "How are we going to top this next year?". I told them to savor the experience and appreciate how special this night really was.

Power and Class. My goodness, this was truly on display last evening. Just a few personal observations, for whatever they are worth.

1. The sound generated by a 400 piece band. Simply mind boggling. My fellow band directors who joined me just looked at each other and shook their heads in disbelief throughout the performance. The students sitting on the track in front of the band were in MB heaven, being able to experience that power, up close and personal.
2. The power of inspiration. You have no idea what it meant to my band students as they were heading up to the field, to be treated like "rock stars" by your band members. They shouted, they cheered. Better than any pep talk I could have given my kids before their important home show performance.

1. How your students presented themselves all evening. Perfect behavior. Very polite in asking questions and following instructions. Wonderful ambassadors for your university.
2. Great audience members. Those who came out to the field in the first half to watch the other bands' performances were truly appreciative of the bands on the field. They paid attention. They responded to the musical moments. They applauded energetically at the end of songs.
3. Warm-ups. I stopped in the auditorium to check on things during your wind players' warm-up. Not a peep could be heard as instructions were given by your drum majors or at the end of an exercise. So impressive, so classy.
4. The end of the evening. Your day started so early in the morning, yet your drum majors stayed for the full awards ceremony and your buses did not depart until after the complete show was over. You had every excuse to leave early, but you stayed until the very end.
5. Midnight auditorium clean-up. There was none! You would never have know that it was occupied by 400 of your students earlier in the evening. They left it better than they found it. Unbelievable.

Power and Class. That says it all. Both screamed all night from the time you arrived in Rockville to the time you left. As I have communicated to you all along, words fall short of my sincere appreciation for what you have done for our festival, all of our music programs, and the people from this part of the state who got to share in the experience. I wish you all the best and thank you for being such great ambassadors for music education and our marching band activity.

Darcy Davis


I wanted to share that with you, because you made all of that happen. You were ambassadors for our band, for our University. You kept the traditions of our alumni alive, and you helped lay the groundwork to bring new members into our group. What you did yesterday is ensure that our band will keep going strong for many years to come. Thanks for all you do...and it's great to
hear the perspective of someone outside our profession. I know I speak for Prof. Hannum and everyone on our staff when I say, it is our absolute honor to work with you each day.

Enjoy your Sunday....in just one week, you'll hear those cheers again!

All the best,


Timothy Todd Anderson, Ed.D.
University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band

University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band
Band Parent Notes
by Dr. Tim

Dear Parents of the Best Band Anywhere!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the band and take in the performances at Roxbury and Allentown. The students did fine work, and I know they appreciated all of your support.

I know many of you take videos and like to share those. That's absolutely understandable, as well take pride in The Power and Class of New England. What I ask is, due to copyright restrictions, please share such videos amongst your friends on facebook or other controlled settings. Putting the videos public on youtube can bring up issues of copyright. Also, there becomes issues of if the band is at its best. Videos can leave an impression on a potential future band members, and we have to make sure we are shown at our best advantage. So please, share your videos with your friends and family; you have every right to be proud of what your son/daughter is doing in the UMMB. I just ask that any videos not be put in a public/non-controlled setting (such as youtube). Facebook amongst your friends...why not let them know what a great job your son/daughter is doing.

Thanks for your support of the Power and Class of New England; we'll see you at Band Day!


Timothy Todd Anderson, Ed.D.
University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band

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