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Alumni Stadium Tips and Game Day FastFacts

Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium
Seating Plan

( North Up )

Alumni Stadium FastFacts

  • Band Parents - GoTo the Parents Only page for pre-game Tailgate Party information.
  • About 1 hour prior to kickoff, the Band begins its march from Band Building to the stadium via Southwest Quad, and ...
    • Enters the stadium at the Northwest gate,
    • Sits in section 8 (Green Area).
  • There are a lot of good (excellent!) photo/video spots along the route of march (see map at the bottom of this page for locations). Good photos/video can also be obtained as the Band marches on the road at the South end of the Yellow Lot (see parking plan below).
  • Many/most Band Parents sit in Sections 7 and 9. Note - Season and Game Day Reserved tickets may be purchased for seats in Section 8 below the Band.
  • The Press Box provides shelter from the weather for seats in rows Z and above in Reserved Sections 5, 6, and 7.
    • Caution - some views may be blocked by support structures (see photos below ).
  • Premium seats (real seats with arm rests) are available at the top of Section 6 - contact the Ticket Office for pricing/availability.
  • Season Tickets:
    • Purchase Season Tickets from UMass Athletics (1-800-UMASS-TIX)
    • Band Parents -- GoTo the Parents Only page for special Season Ticket information.
    • If you plan to bring bulky items to the tailgate parties, you might want to buy a pass for parking in the "Yellow" Lot (ref Parking Plan below). There is plenty of free parking near the tailgate area.
    • Season Tickets include three discount ticket coupons.
      If you have season tickets and don't plan to use the coupons, click this link if you'd like to share them with Parents who have a need. We will contact you to make arrangements...
  • Game Day Tickets:
    • Buy tickets at the East- and West-side entrances - ticket booths open 2 hours before kickoff.
    • Stadium gates open 1.5 hours before kickoff.
    • NOTE - Before you buy tickets, stop by the Band Parents Tailgate Party merchandise booth - inquire if any tickets or discount coupons are available (donated by season ticket holders)
  • Restrooms are located in the South-Central end of the stadium complex; port-a-potties are available in the immediate vicinity of the Stadium.
  • Concession stands are located at field level throughout the stadium complex - beverage/goodie vendors roam the stands.
  • A home-side Wheelchair Access Ramp to the stands is on the Southwest end of the stadium. There is no special wheelchair seating area that I am aware of ... but the aisle at the bottom of the stands is wide enough to accommodate them.
  • Prior to the half time and post game ("5th Quarter") performances, the Band assembles in groups/sections to warm up in the North and West areas adjacent to the stadium (see parking plan ... Green Lot area and area where the word "West" appears).
  • During the 3rd quarter, Band members are free to grab a bite to eat and socialize with family and friends. Bring cookies/brownies/... to attract them!
  • During the game, the Tuba Section sometimes roams the stadium ... watch for "Tuba Antics."
  • After the game, Dr. Anderson assembles and addresses the Band behind the stadium (see parking plan ... area where the word "West" appears) - be sure you save some film / video tape to capture this event! After the Band is dismissed there will be a somewhat *brief* opportunity to meet/greet Band members. *Brief* because ...
  • Following dismissal, the majority of Band members return to Band Building via buses awaiting them in the Green Lot.

Stadium Parking Plan
NOTE - There is plenty of additional parking
in lots and grass areas in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.

Satellite View
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"Yellow" Lot in foreground ...
Band Parent Tailgate Party area = grassy area at the East side of Yellow Lot adjacent to Stadium Drive

Section 8 (Band seats) at right

View of obstruction at the top of Sections 5, 6, and 7
View from Section 7 looking south to Section 5

Press box overhang offers shelter from rain / snow

UMMB Pre-Game Route of March
and Photo Spots

Click image for printable map

As of 9/22/2011