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Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium
Seating Plan

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Alumni Stadium FastFacts
Adapted from the 2005 Season writeup
Note: Parking Lot color designations ("Yellow". "Green") may have changed for 2008
Stay tuned for updates...

  • Band Parents - GoTo the Parents Only page for pre-game Tailgate Party information.
  • About 1 hour prior to kickoff, the Band begins its march from Grinnell Arena to the stadium via Southwest Quad, and ...
    • Enters the stadium at the Northwest gate,
    • Sits in section 8 (Green Area).
  • There are a lot of good (excellent!) photo/video spots along the route of march (see map at the bottom of this page for locations). Good photos/video can also be obtained as the Band marches on the road at the South end of the Yellow Lot (see parking plan below).
  • Many/most Band Parents sit in Sections 7 and 9. (Note - Late in the 2007 Season Sections 9 and 10 were reserved for student seating. Stay tuned for an update regarding Band Family usage of these sections.)
  • The Press Box provides shelter from the weather for seats in rows Z and above in Reserved Sections 5, 6, and 7.
    • Caution - some views may be blocked by support structures (see photos below ).
  • Premium seats (real seats with arm rests) are available - contact the Ticket Office ( for pricing/availability.
  • Season Tickets:
    • Click this link to get a Season Ticket Order Form from UMass Athletics.
    • Band Parents -- GoTo the Parents Only page for special Season Ticket information.
    • Season Tickets include a pass for parking in the "Yellow" Lot (ref Parking Plan below).
      • In-stadium parking (e.g., "Green" Lot) is available ($75 extra) - contact the ticket office
        (Ticket Information hot link provided below Parking Plan).
    • Season Tickets include three "Buy One / Get One Free" ticket coupons.
      If you have season tickets and don't plan to use the coupons, click this link if you'd like to share them with Parents who have a need. We will contact you to make arrangements...
  • Game Day Tickets: $12 General Admission; $15 Reserved.
    • Buy tckets at the East- and West-side entrances - ticket booths open 2 hours befor kickoff.
    • Stadium gates open 1.5 hours before kickoff.
  • Restrooms are located in the South-Central end of the stadium complex; port-a-potties are available in the immediate vicinity of the Stadium.
  • Concession stands are located at field level throughout the stadium complex - beverage/goodie vendors roam the stands.
  • A home-side Wheelchair Access Ramp to the stands is on the Southwest end of the stadium. There is no special wheelchair seating area that I am aware of ... but the aisle at the bottom of the stands is wide enough to accommodate them.
  • Prior to the half time and post game ("5th Quarter") performances, the Band assembles in groups/sections to warm up in the North and West areas adjacent to the stadium (see parking plan ... Green Lot area and area where the word "West" appears).
  • During the 3rd quarter, Band members are free to grab a bite to eat and socialize with family and friends. Bring cookies/brownies/... to attract them!
  • During the game, the Tuba Section sometimes roams the stadium ... watch for "Tuba Antics."
  • After the game, Mr. Parks assembles and addresses the Band behind the stadium (see parking plan ... area where the word "West" appears) - be sure you save some film / video tape to capture this event! After the Band is dismissed there will be a somewhat *brief* opportunity to meet/greet Band members. *Brief* because ...
  • Following dismissal, the majority of Band members return to Grinnell Arena via buses awaiting them in the Green Lot.

Stadium Parking Plan
NOTE - There is plenty of additional parking
in lots and grass areas in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.

Satellite View
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"Yellow" Lot in foreground ...

Pre-Game Route of March
and Photo Spots

Click image for printable map

As of 10/17/2008